06 March 2013

Which is better?

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, upgrading my camera, so have been doing a bit of online research lately. After reading dozens of reviews, checking out sample pics and all, I still can't seem to find what's best for me. Though I did end up with a few options.

My BenQ cam has been a great help for my work and pastimes so far, but lately I keep noticing its weak points more than its good points. It is to be expected from a low-end point-and-shoot with tricky advantages of 14MP resolution and 5x optical zoom.

Unfortunately its drawbacks don't come up when I'm leisurely clicking away in my neighborhood, but tend to pop up when I'm busy at work, taking important shots for my articles. Of course it has produced good shots, some surprisingly nice ones too, but sometimes based on conditions like the glare of the sun, winds or no tripod - it doesn't perform as much as I want.

BTW I didn't get a tripod since it looks pretty odd carrying one around, and it doesn't feel right to use a tripod to support a simple point-and-shoot cam. Also I think my BenQ doesn't have IS (image stabilization) though it warns me when my hand shakes the cam even slightly. And though it has pre-focusing, sometimes taking macros is also a feat, as it mischievously blurs the very subject I'm trying to shoot! And when zooming in to 100% of its actual size, the photo becomes a smudged mosaic!

So yes, after all that hassle here's what I'm looking for,

1. A high-end point and shoot digital camera
2. Something that isn't bulky, but with a good optical zoom like between 8X - 14X
3. Resolution between 8MP to 14MP (I read somewhere that higher resolution isn't always the best)
4. Optical IS (image stabilization)
5. Output: Clear, sharp images
6. Flash

So what am I going to capture with my cam?
1. Facades of buildings or landmarks
2. Indoor shots (with or without flash)
3. People (occasionally)
4. Landscape shots 
5. Macro shots (bugs, flowers, leaves)
6. Nature shots (trees, mountains, birds and all kinds of critters - big and small)

In any case a DSLR is out of question (it's also out of my knowledge and budget), so I'm opting for a good point-and-shoot with the best performance I could bargain for.

Now these are my options after going through dozens of camera reviews:
1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150 (18MP, 10x optical zoom)
2. Nikon Coolpix S9100 (12.1MP, 18x optical zoom)
3. Canon PowerShot SX260 HS (12MP, 20x optical zoom)

So which camera do you think suit my requirements the best? And feel free to name different brands and models too that can outwit these three options plus something that fits along the same price range. 

Thanks a bunch in advance. ^__^


  1. Not much help I can offer.

    But I am sure a DSLR never cost much in comparison to a "high end" point-and-shot camera.

    I feel very comfortable with my first DSLR - Canon 1000D.

    1. Thanks a lot Rain. And that was helpful.

      Yeah, that's true in most cases. I did look up your camera and similar models.. just that they sound and feel a bit more complex to me. :D But yeah, I'd consider going for a DSLR once I get around to properly study photography. :)

      So till then, I hope to aim for a Point-and-shoot with best performance. :)

  2. But don't forget that a DSLR can be used as a point-and-shot if you switch to auto mode.

    If that costs not much different, a DSLR is good to have.

    1. Oh yeah, there's that option too. Thanks Rain, will check out the prices and see. Hopefully if I could stumble upon a budget-friendly cam out in our area, I could go for it. :)

      Anyhow I'm hoping to go for an upgrade in few months time, so planning to do some extra saving before that, which is also why I wanted to find out what's best in advance.


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