21 January 2010

Random captures - 2

It's been a while since my last post.. and I'm still trying to catch up with my blogroll too. *hoping to cover 1 blog per day*

And there's tons of things I've resolved to do this year *tons of things = less than a half a dozen things* but.. I wonder why I can't find enough time for anything. -__-

I wonder if the earth has finally started spinning at breakneck speeds and so a day on earth has gotten seriously curtailed to a fraction of the usual 86400 seconds! O__O

*if you are wondering where that 86400 seconds teleported from, it's 60 x 60 x 24 = sec per min x min per hour x hrs per day*

So ya, we've got a crisis here.. and am one of the poor victims who can't seem to find enough time to do a thing, let alone blog or read the blogroll! *I can hear ya calling me lazybones! grrrrrrrrrrrr... sigh*

Anyway here's another bunch of random pics. *I'm sure I sound so unmotivated cause I simply am utterly bored!* =D

* As usual CTRL + click on the pics to expand them.


Heaven's Fist

That glow on the top left of the pic shapes into a fist of a human. It looks so unnatural but this is where the sun was hiding behind the clouds. This pic was taken in September last year.. and yep, I completely forgot about it until I found it yesterday while scouring my old pic collection.

The (in)visible Eclipse

On last 15th (15.01.2010) when there was a solar eclipse around noon, my mom and I got all hyped up about it and so we kept a water filled basin outside and stared at it for hours.. well not really.. like for 10 - 15mts! Anyway we saw the eclipse perfectly. During this time the whole sky turned into a grayish blue and it suddenly got dark, almost like it was evening already.

Cause of our country's positioning in the tropics it's a rare sight for us, the total eclipse I mean. But this time we saw the sun turning into a crescent, where the moon's shadow covered almost 3/4th of the sun! In other words a 3/4th of a solar eclipse. *is that how you call it?*

So to capture this memorable event I took out my handy cam (cam phone of course) and aimed a few shots at the water basin. But that wasn't enough.. so I daringly turned my eyes upwards, covered the sun's glare with one hand and while looking through the lil screen of my cam phone.. took couple more shots of the sun in eclipse.

But as you see on the pic, this is all that came out. Whether it was the water basin or the direct shots, seems like my cam can't handle the extra glare of the sun. *I've a hunch that the sun was fuming at that time, for being mocked by the bossy moon who's supposed to come out only at night*

Anyway I should resort to a tinted glass next time. Hope you all saw the eclipse too. ^__^

The Flying dragon

It might not appear readily in this small scaled pic, so why not do a CTRL + Click (on the image) and see for yourself.

And if you still don't see anything even after expanding the pic.. firstly add an entry in your to-do list to get your eyesight checked right away.. and then.. focus towards the middle of the pic, especially the sky that lies immediate left of the big coconut tree. See a wavy silky line? Well that's the flying dragon!

To be exact, it's a huge kite.. shaped like a snake. (though I still prefer calling it a dragon instead) And there's plenty of them of all sizes and shapes.. soaring hither and tither in the sky these days. Yep, it's the kite season here. And they sure can send those kites so high up, cause some of them appear like minuscule specks when captured on my cam.
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