28 February 2012

Change of URL

Hi everyone!
I should have posted this first and then done the change, but somehow did the vice versa and now there's lots of updating to do.

Yep, I've gone from 'harumisfotoblog' to 'vividencounters'! Why? Well.. I thought of doing so when I changed my username sometime back, but didn't know how it'd affect everything so kept procrastinating. And today on a whim I just tried it out. lol It's kind of sad to bid farewell to my old name, Harumi, for good.. but change is inevitable.

Have a superb week ahead!

25 February 2012

Different Perspectives

Hi everyone! How have you been?

I'm back to freelance writing since January 2012 and life's been nice and slow so far. Though the field isn't publishing as I hoped.

Anyhow today I will not continue the 3rd part of the story (about my trip to Wasgamuwa), as I hope to save it for the next time. Instead I thought of sharing some of my photographic attempts. And there's a good news too. I bought a new digital camera (as I need one for work plus for hobby as well :D) though it's nothing sophisticated. But it's quite handy and I really like its quality and the smart li'l tricks that comes along with it. The camera is a BenQ AE100 with 14MP resolution and 5x Optical zoom. So it's good enough for the time being.

So here's a few shots I took with the new cam.

1. Solitary bird
This is the tweaked version, with enhanced saturation using Paint.NET. You'll see the original below. All the photos are cropped and resized as their original size seemed bulky for uploading.

2. Hungry Hunter
This hawk or eagle that I captured on 8th of February 2012 might be the same fellow (or a cousin of it) whom I snapped an year ago during our local New Year (Avurudu) season in mid April 2011. You'll see a few more of its pics in my Birds album.

3. Fiber mishmash
Couldn't resist taking a bunch of Macro shots with the camera's 'Super Macro' option. So this messy fiber mass is none other than a portion of a coconut husk.

4. Sepalika
Another macro and this time it's a flower. Sepalika is the local name of this small flower (sadly I'm not aware of its English name) , which I've tweaked into a black and white. You'll see the original photo below.

5. Webbed Beauty
This teeny weeny fellow was spotted sometime ago in our backyard majestically sitting on its webbed throne. Sadly my good old mobile cam couldn't capture it at all. It only showed a blurry blot. And after a few rainy seasons passed I never thought it'd have survived and so when I saw it again on 12th of this month, I was able to take a good look at it with the help of my new cam.

This spider is just a bit over 1 cm in length and breadth and was wearing this amazing gem studded costume. I never would have believed it's a spider if not for the beautiful web it was weaving between two small bushes as you'll see in the one below.

That's all for today. If you want to check for more, you'll find the new updates highlighted in my Albums page. Have a wonderful weekend!
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