03 July 2012

The Legend of the Green Elves

After a spell of downpour I was clearing the weeds when I chanced upon an interesting creeper that was stealthily running towards a grass bush. I peeped into the bush hoping to find its head from tail but then.. what I encountered was even more interesting no doubt. There they were... about 8-10 in numbers.. keeping a low profile amidst the slender leaves.. and staring at me in the corner of their eyes. I knew at once they were no ordinary folks, but the ones from the Kingdom of Sprites, the Green Elves!

They secretly whispered to each other and suddenly disappeared behind the slender leaves of the bush. I rushed back home, cleansed my hands, grabbed the camera and dashed to the site. This was a moment I couldn't miss. But when my camera took a sneak peek and started clicking right and left, the magic was gone! The green elves were no more. But instead... I found them, about 8-10 in numbers.. playing hide and seek with my cam, those known by the name.. grass-leapers!

Want to see how they look like?

Now a bit of zooming and...

If I'm not mistaken, this little fellow was missing a hind leg!

But the zephyrs whispered.. the legend of the green elves still continues... in the Kingdom of Sprites... unbeknown to human kind.

PS: These grass-leapers (or grasshoppers as humans call them) were only 2-4 cm in size!
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