29 November 2011

Kelaniya - A fountain of Art

Yesterday was a very special day for me. After 10 months, I parted from my teaching life. Many asked me why, but I just feel I'm fated to follow the writer's path... until my journey ends. And so from today on.. I'm back to being the freelancer I once was.

BTW I just noticed.. I've passed the 4000 milestone in my visitor counter! :D Thanks for all those who dropped by regularly, irregularly, accidentally, mysteriously, frequently and occasionally, unwillingly and willingly, from islets to continents and solar system as well as beyond the endless universe..! Thanks so much for keeping this blog alive.. even during its hibernating days. :D A sweeping big thank you for all! ^__^

So back to the topic.. Art.. is something that won't miss my eager eyes.. or should I say eagle eyes? lol Don't know why but art in all forms just attract me, though I have very little theoretical know-how to back it up. So.. the last time we visited the famous Kelaniya temple.. I sure didn't miss all the wonderful art the place flaunted.

Art is... a universally cherished... fondly reminisced.. wonderful wee moments... brimming with life!

Sit back and enjoy your virtual tour!

They are not mere fillers..
those square faced motifs on the golden brown pillars.

"Let's play hide and seek!", said the blue flip-flop to the brown sandal,
and so they played hours on end, until their owners returned.

As the 6 swans and 4 lil demons eagerly gazed down,
the pageant of 4 tuskers marched on.
I may be a tusker of stone or cement, for which I do not care
just hold on to me and watch your step, when you climb up the stair
They say they are sweetly fragrant, soft and vivid in color
but we born on the rough cement, aren't we beautiful like no other?
And so we stand together and guard 24/7
as we are the elites summoned, straight from the heaven

Meet the clan of cobra, the vigilant and shrewd
strong, wise and daring, now in a peaceful mood

Oh! the ripples of water, how did thou become so square?
 thy ripples have no curves, or life.. indeed I think how rare
You look me in the eye and utter aloud, 'daddy, an elephant with whiskers!'
but look sonny, am so different, am one of the noble Indian tuskers.

The twin dragons, so white and bright
kindly watches the devotees till they're out of sight
Those soaring pillars so stalwart and gracious
are bathed in reliefs so enchanting and precious

Art is... beautiful... Art is... reverential.. Art is... timeless... Art is... priceless!

Click here and here to see more photos captured at the Kelaniya temple.
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