22 September 2012

Butterfly Idols

Why are they called butterflies? They are nothing like the creamy butter or the pesky little flies.

Up, up and away!
Common Sailor on jasmine leaf
It's not just during the great migration, but throughout the year we get to relish butterfly sightings almost daily. Not just one or two varieties but butterflies of various kinds with distinct colors and designs would hang around our neighborhood and yard. Though during off season they come in small numbers. I had failed many a times trying to capture them with my old cam phone. Since these fellows are always too swift, agile and elusive.

Grey Pansy on Sepalika leaf

As time passed I wanted to get to know them better, like how I learned the names of some birds frequenting the neighborhood. Being able to tell them apart from their colors is one thing, but correctly identifying them is a whole different thing. So bit by bit I'm trying to learn how to identify them by name and tell them apart with the help of butterfly guides. Though I've seen many types I wasn't so lucky to capture them all, since whenever I rush back with the cam, they've already disappeared. 

At first... I took shots from far with the fear of missing a chance. But with time I learnt to step closer as silently as possible. That's when I noticed that some butterflies don't mind posing for the cam as they don't even budge when my camera comes face to face with them.

Face to Face
Grey Pansy on yellow bell flower leaf

I used to think that life in the butterfly world must be all sunny, sweet and nice. They are dressed to the nines and live carefree lives. But that was until I started observing them more closely. Few times I found some butterflies and moth with tattered wings, silently expressing the hardships of their miles long journeys. Fluttering those fragile powdery wings to ride along the currents between gentle zephyrs and strong winds. Evading predators, storms, scorching sun and heavy showers. Getting lost in dense forests, looking for a dew drop in barren lands.

Upside down
Common Sailor on yellow bell flower bud

Life is never easy... not for them... not for us.


For more butterfly shots drop by my Picasa album - Butterflies
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