12 May 2012

Vesak Decor - 2012

Haven't been to my blog or blogroll in ages, so to do some justice I'm going to do a post about my Vesak decorations for this year. Though it won't be anything lengthy and descriptive as last time. I missed the chance to post some pics of my last year's decor, let alone take any snapshots of it as I was busy with work. But now that I'm back to freelancing, I've got more time at hand to spend as I wish.

I started out with the recyclable plastic frames (the same frames I used for Vesak decor in 2010). So first scraped off the previous year's decor, which came off easily. And after looking at the odd colors of tissue papers I got down this time (as it always happens that it's not I who happen to buy them) I decided the lanterns should be multicolored as usual. So after toiling for 2-3 days, battling with sticky flour glue (paappa) and making a confetti carpet right around me, I came up with these designs at the last moment.

Yep, the first lantern was put up on 5th (Vesak day), and the 2nd and rest of the designs came a day and a two later! -__- That's it for the background story, and now let's move on to the photo tour.


More pics can be seen here

Have a great weekend!
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