27 October 2010

Inspire the world..

.. and the World will Inspire You!


Have you ever read a poem that touched and inspired you so much that you really wanted to share it with the whole wide world? Well.. this is a poem that my good pal Springflower shared with me yesterday. Thank you so much once again sis. ^__^

In a nutshell.. it's a poem that knocks you out of your dreamworld and pushes you down the stairway of humanity until you stumble upon the portal of reality. *um.. did that make sense?*

Anyway.. it's a truly beautiful poem written by a Lankan, who's also a doctor and a big time humanitarian. You'll see links to his blog on the same page.

So take a couple of minutes off your busy schedule and read this wonderful poem that'd take you on a journey of soul-search..  and let you see the world from a slightly different perspective.. than you did.. or ever did.

Turn your Face to the Sun - By Maithri Goonetilleke

14 October 2010

Momentary stills...

... from the Stream of Life.


These are a bunch of stuff that's been idling in my photo collection for a while. They all have something to do with nature - sky, birds, clouds and the radiant light of the sun itself. They are the lil things in life that have the wondrous power to trigger a smile.. that is.. if you'd care to spare a moment to observe them and enjoy.

* As usual the following images can be expanded with a CTRL+ Click

Sky... is the Limit.

Even a heartless concrete pole gleefully bows before the glamorous morning Sun. For it knows without this giant star.. Earth would have been yet another lifeless planet snuggled amidst countless galaxies.. where life visibly not exist.

While his piercing eyes scan the green canopy, her razor sharp beak gently preens its jet black plumage... and thus begin another fine day of the raven couple.. dwelling at the border of the Habarana Jungle.

Every time I stare at this vast blue heavens.. I feel so tiny.. like a nanobot. The world so large, so vast, so boundless.. even one streak of a cloud straddling so high up.. dwarfs these lofty tropical giants on the land.

To rain.. or not to rain.. do not take so long to ponder.. shed your tears and let us quench this lifelong thirst. Oh mighty regents of the heaven, we that dwell in this arid planes are forever at your mercy.

When a scalloped gray cloud wears a golden silhouette.. there's a blazing fireball hiding behind those fluffy tufty clouds. Time to time it'd take a sneak peek at the tiny world beneath, where life revives every morning with the rays of hope.. it beams.

That hazy glow of the horizon is neither a sinister grin of the rumbling Zion nor a blaze exuding from a crevice in Hades. It is only time for the weary sun.. to take a dip in the blue ocean.. far beyond these rolling hills.. and call it a day.


I had lots more to be posted here but I guess this is enough for today. ^__^

09 October 2010

Life.. is an endless stairway...

... full of ups and downs.


Hi everyone! How have you been? I did drop by a few of your blogs and tried catching up with the posts I've missed as much as I could. But the list never ends. =D

Well.. there's some news from my end too.. and I don't know whether to call it good or bad or neutral news.. but whatever it is.. all I know is that after a super busy first week followed by a super sickly second week I'm now getting used to the life back at home, slowly convalescing from all the complications I've accumulated as a souvenir from my first office job after 7yrs! =D

Good times...

Mmm.. I should have taken 2 buses to get to work but I made it a rule that I needed a daily workout so I only took 1 bus, the one to get to Kandy. From there every morning I walked a distance of nearly 3 bus halts to get to my work place. Then after work I'd walk back 2 bus halts to reach my bus.

I had to wake up around 5 am so as to be at the work place by around 8.15am. After work I'd leave office between 6 - 6.10pm and then arrive home past 7pm. For the first few days everything was all so nice. I really enjoyed my morning walks. I really enjoyed the chit chats with my new colleagues. Then my time at the canteen was my most favorite. The view from up there (2nd floor) was splendid and this is where I took breakfast, lunch and evening tea regularly. Though I call it tea I usually had Nescafe here, until I got a warning for drinking too much caffeine from the very person who served me Nescafe. =D

For breakfast they have roti with sizzling hot katta sambol or hoppers and string hoppers with dhal curry, coconut sambol and that green chili sambol. They also had different types of cakes including the coconut cake and rulan(g) cake that I didn't miss out. *and nope by the way I'm not a glutton, I just had a fine appetite* =P

This building has several floors and every time I climbed up or down I'd meet new folks. It was tough remembering their faces let alone their names cause there were like around hundred or so employees serving in dozens of different departments here.

Thanks to my memory I asked the same girl on two different days the same questions, i.e. where she's coming from and which department she's working... until she laughed and told me 'you asked me the same thing just the other day'. lol It's a good thing the folks here are so understanding, but still that was pretty embarrassing for me. -__-

Bad Times...

But I guess.. just as life offers good things it also offers bad things. And this was the policy of the weather gods.. who thought it was high time to commence their 'Operation Inter Monsoon' right at the time I began enjoying my new office life. Dealing with dust and smoke is one thing.. but having to deal with a torrential downpour after dark is another thing. There's the long traffic jams that pop up whenever there's rain too.

And then to add to this nightmare a huge hole, the size of a big bus, was dug suddenly in our route and they began construction works day and night! Since our bus route is a two-lane road getting a traffic jam was natural. But lucky for me the mornings were almost free from jam. But it wasn't the same during evenings.

The time I got home kept getting late more and more, making my parents worry to the max. Dad had to come to the bus halt as it gets pitch black cause of the stormy nights. Mom got irritated and shouted at me, each time I came home late. It was all too natural since she was highly worried about my health. And then it was like a norm for me to come home past 7.30pm caught in the traffic jam (thanks to that giant hole in the middle of the road) and also caught in the rain, drenched from head to toe and painted with a fine muddy batik work all over my dress!

And this kept continuing the rest of the week. The construction work too got dragged on. And because I had to work 6 days a week, it made me feel like there was no end to it.. so the daily traveling became exhausting. By now I already caught a flu and it never got better. I had taken medicine from 2 doctors and another for a tooth issue and finally got fed up with everything.

Dad too came much early to the bus halt to pick me up, thinking he'd miss me and had to wait in the torrential downpour for me. I sometimes had to stand in a sardine packed bus that won't even budge a millimeter for a half an hour, during these traffic jams. And on the final day something even weirder happened, while it was pouring outside the bus, it started raining inside the bus too! O__O And yep, I got wet even before I got off from the bus. -__-

The final doc that I channeled said that I've developed an acute bronchitis.. and that both my lungs were filled with phlegm. So.. I figured.. if I continue to get drenched in the rain like this.. I can look forward to a nice long vacation at the hospital with pneumonia.

Time finally came... time to take a decision. Mom didn't force me this time, so this was solely my own decision. It was tough for me but I knew I had to worry more about my health. And cause of the late times I arrived home, plus my getting sick had all troubled my parents even more than me.. so after considering and weighing all the pros and cons, I gave up the job that I enjoyed doing very much.

Anyway I don't regret what I did. Now I'm only concentrating on getting better from all these complications I've developed. You see.. I even had my old gastric issue worsened due to the strong medicines I kept taking for all this time.

It's actually a good eye opener for me.. instead of accepting everything served on a platter as it is.. I should have changed my working times the moment I felt this was too much. Not that I didn't try, just that I was told it wasn't possible the first time I inquired. So I thought I could keep up, but I couldn't. For me who was too used to working from home with such flexible working hours, I guess this type of working duration and distance was indeed too much.

So now that I know it.. I'll do a thorough planning before I apply for another..but first of all.. I think I should enjoy a nice long break and of course get better! =D

Hope you have a great weekend! ^__^
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