05 June 2012

Larger than life

Here's a few macros I took somewhat recently.

* This butterfly (or maybe its cousins with the same hues and patterns and dots) visit our front yard almost daily. It loves to perch on jasmine leaves and stay still for a while, as if basking in the warm sun rays. After attempting for few days I was lucky on this day as it posed for me in a carefree manner. Maybe it wanted to show off its beauty.

The only tweaking I did with this photo using Paint.NET was - trim, resize, enhance brightness and contrast, enhance saturation.

* There was this big banana leaf lying on the table (it was cut off to pack some flowers for a neighbor who was to go on a pilgrimage next morning). On a whim I sprayed some water and it formed into droplets. Then I tried a few macro shots. The pinkish highlight over the droplets were from the window curtains.

Did the same tweaking as above.

* We get power cuts sometimes unexpectedly, but now it has become a lot better than ages ago. So when it happened right before the Vesak, I grabbed the chance to snap this candle light.

* This blue flower was surrounded by yellow bell flowers so that's why it has this strange yellowy background.

*This flower is a variation of the above bluish flower, and has faint blue traces here and there.

Well.. that's it. Have a great week ahead!
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